Storm Damage Contractor

Has your home or property been damaged by a storm, strong gusts of wind, or other “acts of God”? 

South Sound can help you repair your property and get back to normal after disaster strikes: give us a call at (253) 293-0107 to start your recovery!

In the North West, our weather varies day by day. Wind, hail, constant rain, and the occasional freezing that happens in the NorthWest happens every year in our wonderful state. Also, with the vast number of trees we have in our state, our homes are vulnerable to experience damage from the weather and environment around us. Although, the salvaging and prevention of further damage is the first step towards the recovery of your home.

Some of the examples that happen to households are roof failure due to integrity, building penetration from trees, rocks falling from a hillside, or even mudslides. Environmental incidents happen 24/7 and that is why we are always to take your call 24/7. Puget Sound Water Recovery’s goal is to salvage any damaged item and prevent any further damage.

Our professionals will respond to your emergency needs in a timely manner to tarp off or board up any part of your house. With our locally owned company, our technicians have a very good understanding of the environment and the building construction in the North West. We can handle any project quickly, professionally, and in a cost-effective manner. Feel free to give us a call or email if you have any questions about our pricing or process.


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