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Six Steps To Recover After Storm Damage

Six Steps To Recover After Storm Damage | South Sound Water Recovery

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Six Steps To Recover After Storm Damage

The storm has passed, and it is time to start the recovery process. Stress, mess, confusion, and worry are all normal emotions at this stage as you attempt to recover from the damage. We have listed six steps to help guide you after storm damage to make recovery more manageable.

1) Contact Your Insurance Company

Before you start cleaning up, contact your insurance company to inform them about the damage. This will ensure you are adequately covered as you clean up and repair any damage. 

2) Document Everything

Take photos of the damage, note what repairs need to be done, and keep track of all information related to dealing with storm damage.

Your insurance company will need all this information to properly assess the damage and decide how much coverage you will be eligible for.

3) Safety First

Before cleaning up and repairing, it is crucial to ensure your safety by wearing protective gear and checking for potential hazards. Ensure all electrical outlets and appliances are turned off, and if necessary, have them checked for safety by a licensed electrician.

4) Clean Up and Dispose of Properly

Gather all damaged items, furniture, and debris from your property. Please place them in clearly labeled bags or containers to quickly identify them for disposal.

Contact your local waste management department to learn how to dispose of these items correctly.

5) Get Professional Help for Repairs and Restoration

Depending on the extent of the damage, you will likely need to hire a professional to complete repairs. Storm damage can affect the structural integrity of a home or business, and professionals should do any repairs for your safety. Professional restoration services can also help to restore damaged items like furniture, carpeting, and electronics.

Reduce the Risk of Future Storm Damage

Once you have recovered from storm damage, it is essential to prepare for future storms.

A reliable contractor will be able to help you by evaluating the condition of your property, making any necessary repairs, and advising you on how to protect your home and business in the event of future storms.

They may also be able to install storm shutters, impact-resistant windows or doors, and additional insulation to reduce potential damage in the future.

You cannot influence whether a significant storm will hit us, but you can take steps to prepare and reduce the risk of damage.


The steps above will ensure you can quickly and safely recover from storm damage.

Document all the damage, contact your insurance company, get professional help for repairs and restoration, and rebuild your property. Additionally, take steps to reduce the risk of future storm damage, such as installing hurricane shutters or strengthening existing structures.

South Sound Water Recovery is available for emergency services 24/7.

Let us help you recover from storm damage quickly and safely.

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