Repair Water Damage

Whether by a slow leak or a rapid flood, water damage in your home or building is never good. South Sound brings the tools, expertise, and experience to repair water damage right to your door.

Don’t delay! The cost of repairing water damage and its damaging effects can grow rapidly when left untreated!

Our team of IICRC & AHERA Certified technicians can respond within 90 minutes, making your emergency a thing of the past.

Feel free to call with any questions you have about our process or pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Water Damage & recovery

Water damage is most often caused by one of two reasons: a slow, continuous leak or a rapid, flooding inpour of water and other liquids. Most building materials are not made to become wet, especially for long periods of time. Your belongings, health, and financial well-being are all at risk when water damage becomes invasive or persistent.

You should call a local professional immediately to guide your home back to recovery.

Water damage often occurs as a result of a leaky roof, poor caulking around sinks, tubs, and toilets, overflow from unattended water spouts, cracked or poorly sealed pipes, plumbing lines, and joints, or, possibly worst of all, sewer line failures. No matter the reason, fixing your water damage issue as soon as possible will make sure there is no rot or mold damage (which in many cases is not covered by insurance). It’s best to address the issue as quickly as possible!

Water damaged areas will often have a distinct discoloration around the affected area. Water stains on the ceiling, long spikes that look like lines and triangles, and the invasive growth of fungus (mold) are all telltale signs that excess moisture has occurred. You can also detect leaks from the water bill – high or spiking water bills indicate that something somewhere is not right. Outside you can look for patches of vegetation that appear taller or more nourished than others. A dripping sound is also a clear clue that water is appearing when it isn’t supposed to – a musty smell develops over time along with grime, slime, and sludge like bacteria and plaque. The worst of all is likely adverse health symptoms, bowing wallboards, or weakened floors that someone could step right through!

We can test for leaks, fix them, and repair broken/damaged parts that water has destroyed or stained. The damage from leaks and seepage tends to gets worse the longer it goes untreated – treat it early and treat it right!

Untreated water damage can lead to hazards from the safety of the structural materials being compromised. It can create mold, slick surfaces, and even rot. It can bow boards and non-metal surfaces. It can seep into other places like your belongings, ruin your furniture, and even become stagnant (which is dangerous for small children and animals). You can only avoid fixing it for so long before facing major repair bills, increased liability costs from negligence clauses in homeowner insurance and people getting sick/injured, and even foundational problems that ruin your entire building or structure.

We get the water out using pumps and fans, clean up the affected area, remove debris and dangerous elements, restore your previous structure by replacing or rebuilding problem areas. We can also expand or modify these water damaged sections after a tear-out if the damage is so severe it requires removing a large section of the wall and other pieces to fully solve your water problems.

Trust Our Federally-Certified Professionals

South Sound Water Recovery has top-trained IICRC & AHERA Certified technicians that can respond in a timely manner. We are able to assess your situation, survey your home for asbestos, assist you with your insurance claim and give you a fair and proper estimate. With our 90 minute response time, operating 24/7, we can ensure that we can walk you through the whole process of the repair process and insurance coverage you have. We also use an industry standard pricing through a program called Xactimate and you can feel free to give our office a call with any questions you may have about our pricing or process.